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Gallifrey Dreams
Ever wonder what kind of kid the Doctor and River Song might have made (if they were biologically compatible and interested in kid production, that is)? I never did until I realized that the hair I'd given myself here was unintentionally very River-esqe. The outfit also screams 'adventurer' much more than Time Lord, rather an interesting cross between River/Han Solo/Doctor.
So I figured why not run with it and made my River curls Pond red to boot.

#digitalart #fantasy #fanart #GalifreyDreams #DoctorMe #doctorwho
selfie #PossiblyMyFavoriteEver
Occasionally, there's that magic moment when you get the perfect selfie. This is possibly my favorite pic of myself ever.
selfie #TooManyToCount
Because I just colored my hair to this awesomeness, which my 4 year old grandspawn declared is beautiful and that I have his favorite hair ever. Lol

It's a dirty word.
The world tells us not to accept our limitations, not to accept no for an answer, that all things can be conquered and beaten if we push hard enough.

The world is sometimes wrong.
Sometimes, limitations are what keeps us alive. Sometimes, taking no for an answer is necessary. Sometimes, there are things that can't be conquered or beaten, but simply lived with.

Disability and chronic illness can be all of those things, but acceptance is seen all too often as giving up.

It's not.
After 4 years of living with chronic migraine disorder and 4 years of trying find my limits and exceed them, I'm just now learning what I thought I already knew: that acceptance of my new normal and new reality is necessary to function as well as I can.

That it isn't giving up, it's what I need to keep fighting.

That it's not a one time deal, it's a continuous process- and some days I will fail at it.

That failing at it some days is not the end of the world, even when it feels like it.

That every day is a new chance and a new learning experience.

That I can still be happy on most days even if I'm not being a poster child for for trying to overcome my disorder.

That the only thing I really need to overcome is my own preconceived ideas of the advocate/fighter/hero/example to others I "should" be.

That acceptance is not easy, but it's not a dirty word.

That I will be okay...because I can accept my new normal...over and over again if need be.

And so will you.  


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I am
Than I ever was
Than I ever wished
Than when I was 20
Than my kids
Than ever before
In who I am
I am
An artist
A poet
A mom
A daughter
A grandmother
A sister
A lover
A fighter
I am

"Just Me"

I live with chronic daily migraines. Art and writing have always been my form of expression and way of making peace with my demons.
I'm a mom to 4 (grown) kids and a grandma to 3 adorable grandspawns, as well a mom to an assortment of rescued cats and turtles, plus one big slobbery German Shepherd.
I'm a full time college student when my illness allows (I'm currently taking a break while I see if a new treatment helps) going for my bachelor degree in technical writing and majoring in english.
I admin a support group for migraine sufferers on Facebook every Thursday, and advocate for chronic pain awareness, suicide prevention awareness, mental health awareness, domestic violence awareness, and child abuse awareness... these are all things I have personal experience in life with.

Always know that if you struggle with any of these YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 💜


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Muerte23 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
you've such an amazing and beautiful work i love every bit of it :)
PandoraPendragon Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! <3 :)
Muerte23 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Really is my pleasure :)
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Thank you for watching PandoraPendragon ^_^
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You're welcome! Beautiful art!
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Thank you for collecting Within. I am glad you liked it.

And, I love your page tag line. I think more people need to wear helmets.
PandoraPendragon Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It's amazing! Lol, I'm probably clutzy enough that I should wear a helmet more often. But it's one of my favorite quotes.
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thank you so much for the :+fav: :hug:
I'm so happy that you liked my work :happybounce:
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It's stunning! You are so welcome .
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